About us

GetTechTalent is a Berlin-based tech network with members from over the Europe. We work remotely!

Our Mission

Talent is equally distributed around the world, the opportunity isn’t.

Our aim is empowering skilled professionals to get access rewarding opportunities omitting geographic constraints. By endorsing remote work model we allow freelancers put their skills into good use precisely where they're needed.

The nature of work is changing to a flexible, distributed workforce.

An ever-changing landscape of technologies and increasingly borderless labour economics shift the nature of work. Our network is the answer for these growing trends and aims to facilitate cooperation between companies and freelancers in this new model of work.

The power of networks and communities is rising.

Together with a progress in the areas of work models and technology should come the innovation in communication. We are building the network of exceptional developers, designers, and product managers believing, that value of being connected to the exceptional peers will allow everyone to grow professionally. We also aspire to improve freelancing experience of our members by providing support, especially by bringing easy access to satisfying projects.

Our Team

Christoph Neumann
CEO & Founder
Christine Kiefer
Tomas Soukup
Sabine Flechet
Jakub Wadas